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The hiking tour guide Frauke Schlegelmilch knows Crete now for over twenty years and speaks fluent Greek. After years of working for various German tour operators and the establishment of her own hiking tour travel office she now lives alternately in Crete and in Germany.

Her enthusiasm for the country and people have created hikes tours that allow you to experience her second home on the Island of Crete in an authentic way. Together, you can explore a fascinating nature with its rich fauna, and trace the daily lives of people between tradition and modernity.

As a trained ceramist and potter Frauke Schlegel cherishes her great enthusiasm and respect for the living ceramic traditions on the island:

Over twenty years ago a symposium by Gustav White led me to Crete over the Easter festivities. A journey that would change my life. That was the beginning of my ceramic path and in the first months of my training as ceramist.

Upon my return all you could hear from my cassette recorder were Greek lyrics.

Therefore, the programme for 2015 again combines hiking and ceramic in one journey.

For more information visit and ideally through direct contact – usually the hiking trips fill up very quickly.

PS: Agrimi is how the Cretans call the wild goats that can be seen jumping around all over the island.